Privacy policy

Convenio protects your privacy with regards to GDPR/RGDP

In accordance with the new data protection regulation (as of May 25, 2018) that applies to the entire internal market in the EU, Convenio has established internal rules and processes to ensure that we comply with the new regulatory framework, both GDPR and RGDP, thus safeguarding your integrity with regard to handling of personal data. More about this can be read on this site
Based on this, we have developed this policy where we describe how we treat your personal data. Our starting point is that we treat only the personal information that is necessary based on our purpose of the business.
We use the following information that is linked to personal data
Based on the cloud service we deliver, we have the role of personal information counsel to our customers. However, it is always the customer who is responsible for the processing of personal data they use in the solutions we provide. We sign a so-called personal information agreement with all our customers who use the service.
In addition to the cloud service, we treat personal data that can be linked to what is necessary based on our purpose of our business. Below you will find a summary of the data we process or store in our solutions:
• Name
• Role or title
• Telephone
• Address
• Mail address
• Login and password for registered users in our cloud solution
• Accounting information such as invoice, quotation and agreement

We use the information in the following way
The information we use is available to provide and maintain our services. We can also use the information for marketing purposes to inform about news, related to our solutions.

We store personal information at the following locations
Through our cloud service, we store your data within the EU / ESS. We have a personal data agreement with all our subcontractors. All storage of personal data with regard to administrative processing is also within the EU/ESS.

Protection of stored personal data
Through our established internal processes and rules, we ensure that all our employees process personal data in accordance with new laws and regulations. Customers' confidence in how we conduct our business is one of the most important preconditions for long-term business operations. In the computer systems we use, there are well-established rules and tools to ensure encryption and protection against intrusion.

We store and delete information as follows
The law sets rules on how long information may be stored. We save information as long as we have a customer relationship with a company. After that information is deleted according to a set of regulations. The Accounting Act sets some requirements for the storage of accounting-related information that we must follow but other information should be deleted.

Here is brief information about your rights as registered in our database
As registered with Convenio, you have multiple rights that you should know. Below you will find a summary of those that we consider to be the most important:
1. As a Customer to Convenio, you can contact us to find out what information we have about you.
2. If any information is incorrect, you have the right to have your personal information corrected. You can also get them corrected if they are incomplete or misleading and you are entitled to restrict the processing of personal data until they are changed.
3. You have the right to be forgotten, but deletion of personal data cannot be done if it is required to complete a signed agreement or other Swedish or European law, court or government decision, and if it is based on interest-weighting..
4. You have the right to cancel a prior consent for direct marketing.

Personal information assistant in connection with cloud service
Convenio AB (organisation number: 559004-2809), located at Långvretsvägen 14, 163 46 Spånga, Sweden is a personal information assistant for all customers who use our cloud service.
For questions, contact us at the following email