Fire and Safety Management Solution

Convenio EGRC-FSGS system can help Fire & Rescue services free up time for frontline staff and deliver savings.

Convenio has niche expertise in building software applications and tools related to the Fire and Safety Domain. Fire and Safety is the key focus area for Convenio that helps to gather knowledge and best practices around the world. Over the last decade Convenio has developed the software based on the experience across geographies such as Northern Europe, UK, UAE and India with large number of end user clients.   

Fire Administration today faces an unprecedented challenge of safety compliance and risk management. Safety Governance should be of great importance, but it is increasingly clear that yesterday's governance practices aren't up to the task. In both design and implementation, they are too disconnected and incomplete to fully address complex compliance, safety and risk management puzzle. We at Convenio look at this challenge with a unique perspective. Convenio EGRC is a system that helps to keep track of the systematic fire administration. Fire and Rescue professionals carry out the most remarkable, heroic work for their local communities. They must endure rigorous training, rush towards danger to save lives and offer vital fire prevention support.However, they can’t do all this alone. They need robust, reliable support throughout their organisation. But, when outdated technology is used to run core functions, it hinders operational effectiveness, ultimately limiting essential backup services for frontline Fire & Rescue staff.

  But digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s also about people. It means giving fire and rescue teams the tools they need to excel at their jobs. Whether frontline or support, everyone benefits from improved efficiency, increased productivity, remote work capability and being able to derive insights from data, to make the most of limited resources. time and cost savings can also be delivered by giving greater thought to how back-office systems, can work smarter to support frontline teams. To help them operate better we removed outdated legacy software systems, which had been working in silos and costing lots to maintain. Instead, we put web and mobile based software in place, so everyone across the organisation could access applications wherever they were working and receive real-time, joined up information that aided faster, better decision making. EGRC-FSGS solution modules are simple, and intuitive to use, and reduce time-intensive manual work. They also connect disparate systems and make relevant information readily available for staff.

Digitisation, automation and remote access to business tools can be transformative given the nature of the fire and rescue services, where teams are geographically dispersed and where firefighters can be full-time, retained or volunteers, working on a shift-by-shift basis. Rather than having to wait until they’re back at the station, frontline workers can easily undertake self-service tasks such as ordering new kit or make holiday requests, on their smartphones while they’re on the move. Approvals can be carried out automatically. Frontline workers are then able to focus on their core duties of serving the community.  

By moving mundane back-office processes into the cloud, SaaS makes things quicker, easier, and future-proof, it improves real-time operations, decision making and reporting. EGRC-FSGS has managed to free up hundreds of hours in staff time and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in IT maintenance and software costs by digitally transforming back-office processes and switching to SaaS.

Compliance Monitoring, Governance and Risk Management are 3 pillars for supporting safety and overall operational performance management

AirGRC as a cloud based mobile and web software has been developed with a view to enhancing operational safety with a user friendly and intuitive interface with modern technology architecture

Digitalization of Safety and Compliance

Many accidents and a lot of human suffering could be avoided if the fire and safety controls were performed according to the official laws and regulations. Any deviation must be quickly remedied. The challenge today is that many organisations lack the tools for scheduling and supervision of the fire and safety work. Our mission is to supply these tools on a modern IT platform.

Ease of use

A key to success is ease-of-use. With our solutions, smartphones and tablets can be used apart from a PC.

You can access the full application which adapts to the interface you are using. You can also use the tailored APP which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. The APP is mainly for doing the regular controls, which can be done both on-line and also off-line when the Internet access is poor. By using the role based framework with the scheduling function you will make sure that the controls will be performed according to plan.

Stay in control

Another key to success is to stay in control. With our adaptable dashboard, you will have full information at your fingertips.

Based on the graphs, you will get immediate understanding of the current status both when it comes to tha actual controls and any deviation and its status. The scheduling service will remind the controller when the controls should be performed and the deviations will be remedied according to an established process.