Customer segments


Software can also be used for fire protection work to the highly sensitive, vulnerable and hazardous units like Ports, Petro-Chemical Complex, Refinery, Steel Plants, Chemical & Fertilizer Plants, Power Plants etc. Staff should be able to work systematically with fire prevention which means that you shall methodically inventory your need for fire protection, make sure that it works, and that everybody concerned has the knowledge and equipment needed to prevent a fire.

Real Estate / Facility Management Organisations

Facilities are everywhere and basically the same challenges meet all organisations that will maintain the facilities over time.
In order to make sure that you are on top of managing your facilities in the areas of safety, compliance, risk assessment, incident management, hazard reporting, material management, emergency planning you need a digitalised platform that will enable scheduling of controls, performing inspections, reporting deviations and monitor that all deviations are taken care of.
We provide that platform.


AirGRC Suite is formalised approach to managing safety by utilising a ready-to-use platform for ARFF work modules, creating a monitoring and control framework for fire protection, integrated with formal methods of identifying hazards, analysing and mitigating risk and a process for ensuring continuous safety improvement.
Report, track, monitor, and improve all aspects of your ARFF programs. Make sure all requirements are met, and that nothing slips with a single integrated system.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Industry continually seek ways to enhance operations in the areas of health, safety and the environment. A safe RIG and healthy environment are central components and critical to overall Oil & Gas business success.
The energy exploration company's Fire Safety Compliance at RIG is critical area. They have a responsibility to the safety professionals and emergency responders in the area of the company's operations to make them informed of the procedures at rig locations and to make the responders more informed about the overall Safety, Risk Management and Emergency situation of drilling operations. OILGRC Suite of Convenio helps in overall Fire Safety Compliance, Periodic Inspections, Drill, Training, Incident Analysis and Emergency Preparedness.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Banking is a domain closely associated with Audit, Risk and Compliance. AURA is a utility for audit and risk management in the banking sector to take care of complete audit life cycle from planning to scheduling to query marking to risk marking to Audit Committee Board (ACB) evaluation along with intelligent reporting. We also offer integration with Core Banking System along with flat file upload.