Avineo Hi-Tech, is the joint-venture initiative of Conveniotech Systems, a  semiconductor focused firm working in the area of high-performance design. Foundation of Analog Mixed signal circuits / system design is essential for myriad of applications from Medicine to rocket science ( companies like Boeing and SpaceX , amazon’s famous project Kuiper to launch all the satellites in space  depend on these core knowledge heavily  ) and new hard ware is always required for any area be it enhancing existing systems with new AI/ML algorithms to Energy harvesting chips which his essentially using the natural and artificial forces to generate electricity.

Signals resulting from A/D and D/A conversion in a mixed-signal system

The core blocks are used in everywhere irrespective of its applications, just the specifications are different, and we provide those critical / intuitive learnings hence you have more opportunities to enter companies working on different products. Chip designers use software’s too like python to program our chip testing and even system design can be done in python/MATLAB/Verilog RTL to engineers who want to focus on a career as system design engineer, but without core knowledge of the circuits the systems can be non-realistic hence to have exponential growth in career its very mandatory to understand how circuits work and perform in real world.  Moreover, coding using python and Verilog is freely available online and with comprehensive details hence it can be learned on job or self-learned easily unlike circuits.


Cutting edge Innovations
Our focus is on cutting edge & bleeding edge innovations in high end analog and RF market through state of art tech.
Training Alliance
We believe in closely working with academia and institutes to create a high skilled ecosystem.
Our partnerships with customers enable them win market share through our flexible & focused collaborative approach.
Our vision is to channelize growth through innovative tech for various semiconductor applications.