Avineo Technology

Avineo software is largely developed working closely with customers based on the pain points
and user experience resulting in purpose built smart software.


Prepare for the future with flexible Avineo AirCHECK software suite.


Our solution is designed in a way that they seamlessly work with any existing ERP or legacy systems.


AirCHECK software helps to address all downstream and shop floor process gaps for an effective digital roadmap.


Focused around solving very chronic pain areas within the aerospace aviation and aerospace industry.

Aviation Training / eLearning

  • Training Dashboard
  • Training Calendar and Planning
  • Course, Course Type Management
  • Course Mapping, Feedback Parameters
  • Training Assessment / Review
  • Enrolment to Assessment. Certification
  • Yearly Training Report, Monthly Snapshot
  • eLearning / Training Material
  • Training Feedback / Action Plan

Aviation Safety / Risk Management

Integrated Safety functionality for incident, hazard analysis and risk assessment and corrective actions with the continuous improvement cycle so that small Problems get attended and they do not have a chance to grow into major safety hazards.

It is imperative that Airport operators understand their operating environment, in particular undertake an on-going and detailed analysis of what specific risks exist within the response area and in doing so, can mitigate risk through targeted control measures. AirGRC ERM is a robust risk framework that can highlight potential risk exposure where managers can ‘foresee’ the consequences of an event and implement measures to mitigate or reduce the impact.

Aviation / Airport IoT

Passenger Experience
  • Improve pre-departure and post arrival experience
  • Easier Indoor Navigation
  • Parking management
  • Engage passengers through Mobile App
Assets and Staff Tracking
  • Track staff, wheelchairs, trolleys etc in and around airport premises
  • Track staff and assets in and around Ramp
Retail Predictions
  • Notifications on Mobile from stores and restaurants
  • Fire Safety, Evacuation in case of disaster
Environmental Monitoring
  • Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Smoke, CO2/CO concentration, fire
  • Use above sensor data to manage HVAC and Energy requirement