Avineo platform has been developed for transforming the disjointed processes and paper-based approach into a seamless digital experience for Aviation, Aerospace and MROs with a wide variety of configurable quick to deploy apps. Avineo Suite is applicable for all firms who could be in different stages of the digital transformation journey focused around solving very chronic pain areas. It is adaptive technology based on mobility / web-based interface that can be quickly deployed to digitize any process within the operations and integrate with ERP or any legacy systems.

Avineo can work for you alongside your existing ERP or legacy systems, or can be implemented as a complete end-to-end solution. Avineo subscription can be purchased either as an annual commitment or pay-as-you-go for those customers who want the flexibility to have no standing commitment.

Based on how users need access, our adaptive technology can be quickly deployed over web / mobility to address chronic pain area within your operations to accelerate digital transformation by quickly automating tasks and workflows.

  • Very Configurable / Low code development
  • Intelligent process apps
  • Usability / Mobile-first approach

We try to address the actual business problems, business requirements and pain areas and design a common digital strategy for all such use cases. This is a common technology backbone that helps to address each & every gap for an effective paperless digital roadmap

Avineo can help accelerate digitization plans that includes IoT, RFID, Mobility and AI. Avineo Suite is piece of software that includes various process modules that are part of a portfolio of SaaS applications that we are developing in the cloud. Solution is designed in a way that this seamlessly integrate all the downstream processes, work with any existing ERP / legacy systems and automate end user workflow.

Our Transformation Projects