Convenio Fire Safety, Compliance, Risk Assessment Software for Fire Companies/Airports/Municipalities

Intuitive setup. Dashboards and reports in less than a month

Our key focus areas

Fire Companies, Airports, Ports, Municipalities

Our generic fire and safety solution with the possibility to digitally control and follow-up on regular, scheduled fire and safety controls. Download and use our user friendly APP on your smartphone or tablet or use your PC to perform the controls.

Our Airport solution - ARFF Safety Management Software (SMS) is a formalised approach to managing safety by utilising a ready-to-use platform for ARFF work modules, creating a monitoring and control framework for fire protection, integrated with formal methods of identifying hazards, analysing and mitigating risk and a process for ensuring continuous safety improvement. Report, track, monitor, and improve all aspects of your ARFF programs. Make sure all requirements are met, and that nothing slips with a single integrated system.

The importance of our mission

Many accidents and a lot of human suffering could be avoided if the fire and safety controls were performed according to the official laws and regulations. Any deviation must be quickly remedied. The challenge today is that many organisations lack the tools for scheduling and supervision of the fire and safety work. Our mission is to supply these tools on a modern IT platform.

Ease of use

A key to success is ease-of-use. With our solutions, smartphones and tablets can be used apart from a PC.

You can access the full application which adapts to the interface you are using. You can also use the tailored APP which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. The APP is mainly for doing the regular controls, which can be done both on-line and also off-line when the Internet access is poor. By using the role based framework with the scheduling function you will make sure that the controls will be performed according to plan.

Stay in control

Another key to success is to stay in control. With our adaptable dashboard, you will have full information at your fingertips.

Based on the graphs, you will get immediate understanding of the current status both when it comes to tha actual controls and any deviation and its status. The scheduling service will remind the controller when the controls should be performed and the deviations will be remedied according to an established process.

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