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Fire Administration today face an unprecedented challenge of safety compliance and risk management. Safety Governance should be of great importance, but it is increasingly clear that yesterday's governance practices aren't up to the task. In both design and implementation, they are too disconnected and incomplete to fully address complex compliance, safety and risk management puzzle. We at Convenio look at this challenge with a unique perspective. EGRC-FSGS is a system that helps to keep track of the systematic fire administration.

EGRC-FSGS includes mobile and cloud-based fire inspection software platform created for state and local governments, as well as businesses performing inspections services. The system can be customized the way you work.

Fire Inspection Program is the backbone of fire prevention in the City. Inspections performed yearly include public assemblies (places where more than 49 people gather), schools, day-care facilities, residential care facilities, multiple-unit residential buildings, nursing homes and other institutional facilities. State law requires an annual inspection of multiple-unit residential buildings and of schools.

Fire departments play a critical role in defending their communities against fires and other situations that threaten lives and property. Although most public fire departments focus on the control of fires in individual properties and the rescue of endangered occupants, the fire suppression role of the fire department is still based on the need to protect the community’s property and population. In that respect, the fire department is part of the community’s fire risk management program. It exists to limit the probable loss when a fire occurs.

Mobile APP based software provides the last mile connectivity and goes anywhere you need to go. Locally stored data on the device allows you to work where there is no connection. Push notices allow notification of time critical new inspections. The Software will ensure that buildings adhere to Fire Safety norms and keep a check on them. Different formats of the Maintenance Program depending on type of the building- malls, hospitals, government buildings and industrial units.

  • Ready format of parameters can be checked in building while inspection. Pre-defined Inspection and Maintenance Programs can be created. A suitable Checklist Form can be chosen depending upon the type of building.
  • Automatic notice to building management about NC’s (Non- Conformity)/ Deviations along with deadline for corrective action will be sent. Reminders and alerts as per the maintenance schedule and corrective actions will be sent.
  • The software can also allow users to upload pictures of the faulty fire safety equipment in the building.
  • Incident reporting, analysis and investigation with cause – consequence analysis.
  • Incident reporting is integrated with Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Risk identification and assessment based on the parameters and corresponding risk rating as input for emergency preparedness.
  • Fireman training, planning, shifts and roster management.
  • Drills / Emergency Planning and procedures for various facility Situation

EGRC FSGS: A Mobile, Cloud-based Safety & Governance Solution

Fire Prevention / Inspection Module
Application of the software for inspections/audits for the fire and life safety systems such as sprinkler, standpipes, hydrants extinguishers in Airside/landside. Application of the software for work notification submissions and approvals and provide a big picture view to the management System has provision of Barcode/QR scan for monitor and tracking fire extinguishers/fire vehicles equipment checklist etc. Provision for the reviewer/fire crew to issue the feedback to the relevant team for corrective actions. Automated deviation tracking and follow-ups to ensure the rectifications. Automated Report generation/ proper dashboards triggering deviations/problems to responsible departments, if required; tracking their closure
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Deviation and Defect Management
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Incident Alert & Management Module
Incident Management is well integrated and thus data is very effectively shared across modules. Thus reporting, tracking and routing of Incident are simplified. Also In-depth analysis of incidents at the airport to ensure risk is managed and mitigated in a timely manner
Provision to notify the relevant team members of the incident simultaneously for preventing any time lags. Integration with SMS/Email/Call system with responsibility of an incident to corresponding departments. The modules shall assist the team to effectively analyse the frequency and nature of events for better learning and preventing the occurrences. Provides key learning and identify areas to prevent further incidents with follow-up and tracking tasks, if any along with their closure
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Training Module
Platform can also be utilised to use for the recording of training, setting of training schedule and recording of training achieved and learning outcomes for audit and improvement purposes. The platform would provide an in-depth way of utilising all training methods and the best way to record which staff are trained and areas for improvement. Tracking training compliance is also important feature in the system
Detailed tracking of training and allied activities. Single dashboard to manage training compliances. Drills and exercises planning (schedules), workflow and approvals.
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Evacuation Drill Module / Emergency Preparedness
Drill Parameters and checklist properly designed and executed for various Drill Types. Observations, Feedback and Action following every exercise. Drill and exercise results to be evaluated by participants, reviewers, subject-matter experts, and outside evaluators.
• A user-friendly drill request form for the requester to fill and notify the drill date to all relevant parties
• Provision for the reviewer to return the feedback to the requester notifying AFS
• AFS shall remain as the focal point to review the feedbacks and for necessary coordination.
• Notification of the drill observations/report to the requester and other involved parties for corrective actions
• Pre-recorded documents data’s, checklist, approval forms etc. for the end-user and stakeholders for execution of the drill
• Provision to track meetings, if any and related tasks using meeting and task management functionality
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Facility Audit Module
Performing audits of facilities, assessing building details, etc. Creation of fire plans, assessing deviations, associated risks etc. Track and close deviations with triggers to responsible departments, if required.
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Risk Assessment
Identify fire hazards and performing risk assessment of multiple locations. Track deviations that have been pointed out along with closure and task assignment. Compute a risk score for audited risk locations and link back the same to locational risk parameters.
Identify activities, sub-activities and the associated risk and impacts. Based on this, compute risk score and map the same in a heatmap. Further, include risk mitigation along =with due tasks for responsible entities
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Work Permit / Document Submission / NOC issuance / Module
The proposed module shall be capable for the following
• A user-friendly document submission request form for the applicable requester to upload the relevant documents
• Automatic filtering facility to avoid unwanted documents and to ensure that the submission meets the AFS guidelines
• Notification of the submission to the relevant parties
• Provision for the reviewer to return the feedback to the requester
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Dashboards & Reports
Intuitive dashboards, drill downs and analytics can provide very useful information and intelligence at click of mouse button. One-stop Inspection/Audit for Safety / Security assets such as fire extinguishers, hydrants, sprinkler, various gas suppression systems etc. Perform the entire inspection process fully automated. Fire Safety Service Planning program is specifically designed to give managers and supervisors a clear view of the safety status.
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Fire Vehicle Checks
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IoT (Internet of Things) / Machine Learning
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