ARFF Solution

Safety has always been a key focus for airport operations. ARFF Safety Management Software (SMS) is described as a formalized approach to managing safety by developing an organization-wide safety policy, developing formal methods of identifying hazards, analyzing and mitigating risk, developing methods for ensuring continuous safety improvement, and creating a monitoring and control framework. SMS also has a proactive approach, rather than a reactive approach, at its foundation.SMS is not a prescribed process but rather a framework
Airport is divided into control points to monitor. Our software provides the foundation or framework for SMS. It outlines the methods and tools for achieving desired safety outcomes and details management’s responsibility and accountability for safety. It uses a set of standard processes to proactively identify hazards, analyze and assess potential risks, and design appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Airport is divided into control monitor the organisation’s performance in meeting its current safety standards and objectives as well as contribute to continuous safety improvement. Consulting processes include information acquisition, analysis, system assessment, and deployment. The processes and procedures also help to create an environment where safety objectives can be achieved.
Further integrating the ERM and Quality framework will ensure that those risks that may prevent the successful attainment of strategic objectives will be identified, allowing organisations to proactively consider threats and opportunities while determining strategic objectives. The risk assessment and mitigation strategies of ERM can therefore effectively guide the selection of the strategic initiatives and action plans. Integration will also help set the scene for the ERM across the entire organisation and establish information flows between those with strategic responsibilities and those with operational responsibilities.